Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sweets and Beef Tongue?

blogger widgets In the past few weeks, I've tried some really interesting sweet goodies (some not so good). I'll start the count down with my favorite:

#1: Glico Pocky- Matcha Crush 

This has to be my favorite pocky flavor of all time!

That's a pretty bold statement considering there's so many different flavors:
Image via Shikanyaa

You can't really tell from the picture, but the stick is matcha flavored so it's slightly green. It's covered with milk chocolate and hazelnut bits. This one box came with 4 individually wrapped packages. It's actually a good idea to split it as it helps with self control. I ate two packages in one sitting, I think if it was one big pack I would've eaten the whole thing in less than 5 minutes. 

Fun fact: A few countries have different versions of the name. Instead of Pocky it is: 
  • Rocky in Malaysia
  • Pepero in Korea 
  • Mikado in UK and other European countries: 
#2 Wahaha's Fruit Flavored Soft Candy: Blueberry Flavor (Not a very creative name) 

I'm a huge gummy fan, sour patch kids, gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy peaches, you name it I've had it. Braces didn't stop me from chewing on those gummies in high school. It didn't stop me when I found out gummy bears contain horse hooves and some other gross things....just don't think about it, you'll be alright! 

Anyways since coming to China, there's limited access to foreign goods or if I find it it's always at least double or triple the price back home (including gummy bears). So I've resisted the temptation, plus it's always an adventure trying new things! 

Anyways, these blueberry gummies were pretty good minus the artificial blueberry flavor even though the package says real fruit juice. We all know not to believe advertisement right?? It has a coating of white sugar but it's not overwhelmingly sweet. It's hard to describe the texture, the best I can do is for you to imagine the chewiness level that is in between that of gummy bears and that of those super soft gummy peaches. All Chinese gummies have this in between texture.

Last thing to mention, which seems to be the theme of the day is that these were also individually wrapped. I think it's supposed to stop people from eating too many in one sitting. Not me though! I eat at least 5 of them at once:

Fun Fact: Wahaha is China's largest beverage producer in China. Their founder Zong Qinghou is China's 3rd richest (worth $11+Billion) but only lives on $20 a day and eats the same lunch as his employees. Props to him for staying humble! 

#3 KitKat Kobe Pudding Flavor

Only in Japan do they package EVERYTHING so nicely, makes you want to buy, buy and buy. (That's probably the whole point of the packaging). 

I'm a huge fan of the green tea Kit Kat, but not so much for the kobe pudding flavor. I admit this is most likely biased since I'm not huge fan of pudding. The only exception I would make is for New York's Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding which is to die for.  

This kit kat was for some reason 3-4 times more expensive than the green tea. It could have been the packaging or maybe it's a limited addition. I'm sure you've heard of and have most likely tried Kobe beef which is the city of Kobe's number one specialty. Kobe pudding is their other. All in all this Kit Kat flavor does not do Kobe pudding any justice :(

Fun Fact: There have been over 200 different Kitkat flavors around the world. Why have I only seen chocolate flavors in states? It's so boring!

#4 Cotton Candy Gum- Grape Flavor (Say what?) 

I picked this up since I looove cotton candy (more so because the packaging caught my eye). But cotton candy gum? Never had nor heard of. Here's what it looks like:

Sure looks like cotton candy and for a split second it tastes exactly like it. And then BOOM it turns into a yucky sticky substance that sticks to your teeth like cheap gum and tastes like grape fluoride that my dentist gives me. I immediately spat it out but that yucky taste lingered. Good part is that it only costs 1.8 RMB (30 cents). 

I guess that's the exciting part about trying new snacks, you have to expect the unexpected! 

I want to end the post by sharing that I tried beef tongue the other night at a hotpot spot. This was quite an accomplishment as I'm not very brave when it comes to trying different meat parts so this took a lot of courage. It was thinly sliced like normal hotpot beef slices but super chewy due to a cow's "tongue muscle". All I have to say is I tried it, please don't ask me to eat it again! (No need to worry about leftovers. My friend finished the plate, I stuck with beef).

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