Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year New Blog!

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Two years ago I started dumplingbox, a subscription box for Asian snacks as a hobby. I not only wanted to share my love for snacks but also my interest in Asian culture to more people out there. It was great fun searching the shelves of Asian supermarkets for products that I thought my box subscribers would love (also because I wanted to try the snacks myself hehe). The box only lasted for six months, but during the six months dumplingbox was a hit and it was so hard to let go. But I kept my head up as I was moving to the land of snacking, CHINA!

I have been in China for a year and a half now. I've tried so many new snacks, some delicious some just down right weird that I can't wait to share! Recently, dumplingbox was bought by someone who wants to continue the box, for the past two years I have been hesitant to sell as it was my first "business venture" and something I cared a lot about. I think this event prompted me to start this blog as a way to continue sharing my love for snacks in a different way. (I seem to always be excited when I see snacks, this may be an innate passion of mine that I haven't discovered yet!)

I am far from a food critic or a want to be food blogger, I want to use this blog to capture my snack adventures, to learn about new cultures and share my experiences. I'm ready to snack are you?? 

This was my first dumplingbox, I would say these are some of my all time favorite snacks! 

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